The World Is Mine

2010 has honestly been an amazing year so far. After moving to San Francisco, I totally lucked out and landed a job two days after. I started working at Stella Pastry in North Beach. It was a pretty fun place to work, minus the bitches that I worked with. But I have since moved on. After persistently trying to pursue another hospitality job, I was finally hired at The Palace hotel in February. So I have been there for a little over 6 months now and it's going really, really well. I am set to be promoted to supervisor and have also been accepted into a management development program. I'm so excited.

The boy I mentioned seeing before is now my boyfriend and things are wonderful. Actually, they are pretty much perfect. Besides the fact that he has gone on tour pretty much every other month of our relationship, things are awesome. We got an apartment together in June and we both love it. I am so glad we never fight. I have never felt so comfortable with a guy and I trust him 110%. Something I have never really been able to do with past boyfriends. I don't know. We just fit. As he says, we are unstoppable together :)

In June we went to Costa Rica for vacation and to celebrate my 23rd birthday. It was amazing. I only wish we had a few more days there. We had a lot of fun. Only downside was having my iphone stolen while we were on a bus to La Fortuna (which is awesome, by the way). Going to the beach was amazing but I really loved La Fortuna and the Arenal volcano. It was breathtaking. Before we went there, we were in Puerto Viejo which is where we celebrated my birthday. Our friend Fernando hooked us up at these villas his parents own and it was seriously so beautiful. Right on the beach!

So for now we are planning our next trip. I really want to go to Brazil. Some other destinations we have in mind are Thailand, Greece or Argentina. We'll see.